Season 1, Episode 2: Norm Dates a Client


"God forbid somebody should come in here smelling like a normal human being." -Laurie
"Oh, this goes way past smell. It has a texture. Kinda like stucco." -Danny

"If anyone needs me, I will be in the bathroom setting myself on fire." -Laurie

"Yeah, well, so what? Why can't I have sex with a client? I mean it's not like we're psychiatrists or... undertakers." -Norm

"I thought you said 'trouble' was your middle name." -Diane
"No, I mis-spoke. 'Trouble' is my last name. My middle name is 'Do-anything-to-avoid.'" -Norm

"Maybe there just shouldn't be any rules in the whole wide world. Maybe we all should just rub ice-cream on our asses and run down the street yelling 'Howdy, I'm on fire!' Think about that." -Laurie


Written by Bruce Rasmussen, Directed by Michael Lessac

Guest starring Heather Paige Kent as Diane, Ezra Buzzington as Mr. Grey, Fred Stoller as William.

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