Season 1, Episode 5: My Name is Norm


"I bring my good dress to work so I can get to the symphony in a hurry and my date calls up and says he's gay again." -Laurie

"Okay, I'm gonna go home now, all right? I'm gonna go home because, uh, I gotta go and lie down on my bathroom floor because it's got linoleum and it's cool against my face." -Norm

"Norm, y'know what, if you were a woman you'd have a trailer full of kids." -Laurie


Written by Cheryl Holliday, Directed by Gail Mancuso

Guest starring Casey Sander as Phil, Veanne Cox as Judy, P.B. Hutton as Mary. Co-starring Paul Terrell Clayton as Joe, Lisa Caye Smith as Heidi

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