Season 1, Episode 9: Norm, Crusading Social Worker


"You're never gonna date me now, are you." -Danny
"No. As a matter of fact, you just turned me gay." -Molly

"It turns out, he's a great old guy. Yup. We do everything together, man, we watch the History channel. He calls it the news." -Norm

"You can have sex with as many wrinkled old women as you want." -Norm
"If I wanted to have sex with something old and wrinkled I'd use my hand." -Sal


Teleplay by Dave Caplan & Frank Sebastiano, Story by Rob Ulin, Directed by Gerry Cohen

Guest starring Richard Fancy as Mr. Boardman, and Abe Vigoda as Sal. Co-starring Randall Rapstine as Reporter, David Paul Francis as man.

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