Quotes from Norm Dates Danny's Dad

"Whenever we get together, it's always so stressful. But you know what? You don't want to hear about my problems." -Danny
"Oh, thanks, Buddy. I was gonna say that but I thought it'd sound bad." -Norm

"You're never gonna improve your relationship with your father unless you discuss these feelings with him." -Laurie
"What are you, nuts? You don't discuss feelings with your dad. That's why God created moms... and anonymous women on chat lines." -Norm

"Laurie, I didn't think it was possible, but my father seems to like me even less with you as my girlfriend. I'm gonna have to break up with you." -Danny

"You're not gonna tell her, are you?" -Amy
"Of course I'm not gonna tell her. What kind of guy do you think I am? I'm gonna blackmail you." -Danny

"He's gay. He's gay as a gay-dollar bill." -Norm

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