Season 2, Episode 1: Norm vs. Love

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"Yeah, sixty dollars a pair. You got some beads, I'll throw in Manhattan." -Vic

"It'll just be like working down at the massage parlor, except for that part where you have the, uh, dirty sex with complete strangers." -Norm
"Y'know, Norm, in the spirit of starting anew, could you not call me a 'whore' so much?" -Taylor

"No, I don't think we want him. He can sing, but he can't not kill." -Laurie

"Norm, you're a great guy, but as a boyfriend you have the attention span of a fruitfly." -Laurie

"Billy, I know you've been through some tough times, but that doesn't mean it's okay to throw billiard balls at the 'Today Show' window." -Shelly

"Sorry, I got a little emotional just then. Do you think I should go apologize to him?" -Taylor
"That was so cool. Next time see if you can make him cry." -Laurie

"Would somebody please speak to Danny. There's a woman over there he wants to talk to, but he's afraid she's too good-looking to approach. How do you know that she's not standing there thinking the same thing about you?" -Taylor
"You're drunk, aren't you?" -Danny
"Little bit, yeah." -Taylor

"He's smart, he's solid, and he has a really big heart." -Shelly
"Well, you know what they say. You only get one really big organ." -Norm

"You're laughing. That's good, right? I look cute when you're laughing." -Norm


Written by Cheryl Holliday, Directed by Steve Zuckerman

Guest starring Faith Ford as Shelly Kilmartin, Richard Libertini as Avery, Kyle Sobihy as Billy, and Dennis Miller as Vic.

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