Season 2, Episode 10: Norm vs. Denby

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Rating: 7.0


Written by Cheryl Holliday, Directed by Ted Wass

Guest starring Sally Kellerman as Kim, and Julie Hagerty as Wendy

Co-starring Valerie O. Young as waitress


"This is great, sir. I feel the hatred washing over me like a light spring rain." -Norm

"She's coming over. What do I do?" -Mr. Denby
"Quick, sir, buy a Corvette." -Norm

"Do you wanna take this outside, tough guy? Do you wanna take this outside?!" -Mr. Denby
"Yeah!" -Norm
"Well, I didn't bring my sweater." -Mr. Denby

"What are you doing?" -Mr. Denby
"I'm taking my underwear off in front of my boss." -Norm

"I have no covering over my private areas at all, sir." -Norm

"Call me old fashioned, but you know, I've always believed that a relationship should not involve three people... unless two of them are women." -Norm

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