Season 2, Episode 12: Norm vs. Christmas

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Rating: 8.6/14


Written by Frank Sebastiano, Directed by Gerry Cohen

Guest starring Danny Woodburn as Drake, Jeanette Miller as troop leader, Katelin Petersen as Ashley

Co-starring Justin Miller as kid, Fitz Houston as Charlie, Segun Ajaga as boy


"That's how tinsel falls in nature." -Norm with a hair-dryer

"What does Christmas have to do with religion?" -Norm

"The doctor said that that bullet is the healthiest thing he's had in his body in the last six months." -Norm

"Yes! Forgiveness. That is the second greatest gift of all, Laurie. Do you know what the first greatest gift is?" -Norm
"No." -Laurie
"Cake." -Norm

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