Season 2, Episode 18: Norm vs. Fear

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Rating: 9.3


Teleplay by Curtis Chin & Ed Lee, Story by Steve Gabriel, Directed by Shelley Jensen

Special guest star Kevin Nealon as Smith

Co-starring Pat Millicano as guy, Lynn A. Henderson as nurse


Norm: "Ah, ow!"
Laurie: "What's wrong?"
Norm: "What? Nothing, nothing."
Laurie: "You've hurt your back again, haven't you?"
Norm: "No, that's not true."
Laurie: "Then bend down and pick up your wallet."
Norm: "No, that's all right, I'll buy another one."

Taylor: "I know how hard it is to perform in front of people. That's why I quit stripping and became a hooker."

Laurie: "And, Taylor, what are you afraid of?"
Taylor: "Well, I used to be afraid of having sex with strange men for money, but, y'know, I got over it."

This was a special episode full of famous movie quotes and props. Viewers were supposed to write them all down and then send them into ABC to win a contest to get to go to the Oscars.

Much like episode #14 of this season, the opening sequence was changed for this episode so that Norm gets hit by the swinging ball into the screen.

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