Season 2, Episode 8: Gambling Man

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Written by Dave Caplan, Directed by Joe Regalbuto

Special guest star Tom Arnold as Andrew

Guest starring Rick Batalla as Jim

Co-starring M. Darnell Suttles as vice cop, Ralph Peduto as Cory, Vic Helford as Darryl, Dave Fabrizio as Joe

Uncredited guest stars: Drew Carey as Steve, Ryan Stiles, Diedrich Bader and Cindy Williams


"Hey, Artie, come on man. They're not nachos if you eat all the cheese off 'em." -Norm
"I asked you to make me a mug of melted cheese, but you said no." -Artie

"It turns out, gambling only's bad if you lose." -Norm

"Danny, you actually do know a lot about football." -Taylor
"Yeah, I used to play. I was a linebacker." -Danny
"High school?" -Taylor
"No, fat camp." -Danny

"Stupid fluffy crate!" -Norm

"I know where he hides his key." -Danny
"Oh, good thinkin', Norm. No one suspects the fake rock in the apartment hallway." -Laurie

"It's like a cock fight before they're born, right?" -Norm

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