Quotes from Norm vs. the Evil Twin

Danny: "Is that Laurie's sister?"
Norm: "Yeah, yeah, she looks just like Laurie except she's hot."

Norm: "I'm not going to do anything stupid."
Danny: "Of course you will, that's what you do."
Norm: "Eh, I don't like the sound of that. What are you getting at?"
Danny: "I'm saying you do stupid things all the time."
Norm: "All right then."

Danny: "She's so far out of my league!"
Norm: "Listen, Danny, I'm getting tired of this. Let me tell you something, Taylor is lucky to be going out with you."
Danny: "What?"
Norm: "I can't say that twice with a straight face."

Norm: "For once, I would like to do something really bad and not get punished for it."

Danny: "I haven't hit anyone since high school, and that was with my mom's car."

Norm: "No shenanigans there, slutty McGee."

Laurie: "I just don't get it. What is this thing that she has? Why do men fall for her? Is it the skimpy outfits and the way she just throws herself at guys, or is there some deeper reason that I just don't understand?"
Norm: "No, you understand perfectly, there's no deeper meaning."

Norm: "Don't tell me you've never thought about me that way."
Laurie: "No, I never have...."
Norm: "I asked you not to tell me that."

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