Quotes from Norm vs. the Oldest Profession

"Hey, Taylor, I have a huge surprise for our date on Saturday. I'm taking you to Le Cirque for dinner." -Danny
"Oh, that sounds great. What's the surprise?" -Taylor
"Damn." -Danny

"Damn you, Norm, this ploy of yours wouldn't stand a chance if I weren't so starved for love." -Mr. Denby

"If you were invisible, would you go to the movies every day for free?" -Laurie
"Absolutely not." -Norm
"You wouldn't?" -Danny
"No, no. If I were invisible, I would make it look like Weiner Dog were flying." -Norm

"I don't know how you're gonna sell something you couldn't give away for free." -Danny to Norm

"My God, now I've gotta find a man with a good job, a great sense of humor and no eyebrows." -Laurie

"By the way, are you shaved or am I gonna have to do that?" -Mrs. Beaumont

"Norm, do you remember when I was hooking? You looked me in the eye, and you said something I will never forget. You said, 'You're a huge whore.'" -Taylor

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