Quotes from Norm vs. Jenny

Danny: "You have something here."
Tayor: "Mm?"
Danny: "Me."

Jenny: "Maybe we won an award."
Norm: "Hey, that's not why we do our music. It's an honor just to be nominated."

Taylor: "I think I acted a little strangely the other day when we kissed."
Danny: "We kissed? Oh, yeah, yeah, that's right."

Taylor: "It's been a long time. It's been like a year."
Danny: "A year? Oh, that's nothing."

Danny: "We'll just do fun platonic things, y'know. Sorta like my parents except I won't be a frustrated homosexual locked in a loveless marriage."

Norm: "I take back that thing I said about you being a meddling fishwife bent on destroying me."
Laurie: "What? When? When did you say that?"
Norm: "I don't think I ever said it to your face, but I take it back."

Norm: "We're just alike except for different dirty places."

Norm: "She just used me, y'know. She used me like one of those little decorative soaps that you find in somebody's house. Y'know, the kind you're not supposed to use, but you realize it too late, y'know, and then you try to clean it up with Kleenex but the Kleenex just sticks to it, then you don't know what the hell to do so you throw the whole damn mess into the hamper."
Laurie: "That was you?"
Norm: "No, just an old expression."

Mr. Denby: "Look out, Whack-a-mole, here I come!"

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