Quotes from Laurie Loses It

Danny: "That's obsessive-compulsive Gavin. Laurie had him almost cured but he stopped taking his medication so he could keep his nickname."

Danny to Laurie: "Nobody works harder than you. You're the Michael Jordan of social work. I mean, we'll probably name a sensible shoe after you."

Denby about Norm: "How come he can pick on me and I can't pick on him?"
Laurie: "Because you are the boss and you're supposed to know better."

Laurie: "We're gonna have to squeeze forty-five minutes of compassion into about fifteen."

Danny: "I've been calling for six hours, or should I say, sex hours. I guess I should just say six."

Myrtle: "I just like the sweet taste of vodka...."

Laurie: "You were just telling me all about the little rewards the jobs has...."
Myrtle: "Oh, you shouldn't listen to me. I tell you, dear, I have enough barbiturates in me to kill a farm animal."

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