Quotes from Norm and Shelly in Love

"Studies show that activities such as the office pool can actually increase productivity and boost moral." -Norm
"Oh, really?" -Mr. Denby
"No, I just tricked you by saying 'studies show.' People always believe that, 'studies show.'" -Norm

"That's one kiss and then nothing? That's like giving a starving man a little scrap of food and then not having sex with him." -Norm

"I sure hope Taylor hurries up and gets here with that pizza." -Shelly
"Yeah, besides being lonely and bitter I wanna be fat too!" -Laurie

"I only have a couple of dating rules. The first off is do not do a lot of innuendo about how good you are in bed and then stink and the other thing is that ears are not handles." -Laurie

"You blew it. You just think I'm all cold and official, but when I take off my badge, and I let down my panties. Whoop! I meant hair. Wait, no, I meant panties." -Shelly

"That's great, Laurie. You're a good friend and huge drunk." -Norm

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