Summary of Norm vs. the Oldest Profession

Norm hasn't paid his rent in three months, and his land lady tells Norm that she's moving into his apartment until he gives her what he owes her. Norm takes a very shy client named William in for a job interview, but ends up stealing the job himself when he hears that it pays $20 an hour. The job is described as chauffeuring models, but it turns out that he's really been hired to chauffeur hookers. Norm quits, but the driver that was training him offers him a job as a male escort. He tells Norm that he could make $2,000 an hour, and Norm figures that with one night's work he could pay all his back-rent and still have cash left over. At first, he turns it down, but then he's desperate to get his land lady off his couch so he takes the job. He thinks he's actually going to escort a rich lady to an embassy party, but when he shows up at her hotel room to pick her up, she immediately tells him to take his pants off and whip it out. He tries to make nice and encourage her to go to the party, but she's having none of it. Just when he's running out of options, there's a knock at the door. It's Taylor, come to convince Norm not to go this road, reminding him of how awful it was for her when she was hooking. The older woman gives up on Norm and stomps out to find herself a cute waiter at the party, and Taylor takes Norm home.

Artie has hooked up a camera in Denby's apartment that feeds into Norm's TV so that Norm can see just how pathetic Denby is when he's at home. Norm's land lady calls it the Denby show and thinks it's hilarious.

Artie has starting selling women's beauty products to make money, and tries to get Laurie to buy some. When Laurie refuses, he gives her some free samples and says to try them, and if she likes them to tell her friends. She agrees, and tries the mousturizer, but it removes her eyebrows. When she paints new eyebrows onto her face, Mr. Denby thinks she's mad at him when she isn't.

Danny is so excited about his big surprise for his date with Taylor on Saturday night that he keeps mistakenly telling her about it and ruining the surprise.

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