Quotes from Norm vs. the Sacrifice

Norm: Danny, what I want you to do is when you tackle Artie, go for the knees. He'll go down like a ton of fat guy.
Danny: Okay, but won't I be under that ton of fat guy?

Denby: Who threw that ball?!
Norm to homeless guy: You take the heat for this and I'll buy you shoes.

Danny: I don't know how you women watch these things, I mean, the storylines are so preposterous.
Norm: Hey, Danny, your crack-addicted hermaphrodite client finally found her biological mother in a Spanish prison. She needs to reschedule.

Norm: It's Taylor's birthday, sir. She's a wonderful girl that brightens every life she touches... but today she's my ticket to cake.

Danny to Denby: We eat in the office because we don't have time to take a proper lunch, you bald chinless bastard!

Norm to Denby: Enough with the long face, you know, you don't really have the chin to support it.

Norm: Remember, screw a man's boss over, he's happy for a day, teach a man to screw his boss over and he's happy for a lifetime.

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