The theme song is called "Too Bad" and is performed by Doug and The Slugs.

The show premiered as "The Norm Show," but was quickly shortened to "Norm" after the first short season.

Norm's address is 228 W. 20th Street, Apt. 4E

Character History:

Bruce Jarchow originally played Norm's boss, Mr. Curtis, but left after the fifth episode of the first season when Norm slept with his daughter. Max Wright joined the cast as Mr. Denby in the next episode.

Molly (Amy Wilson) joined the cast in the 3rd episode of the first season and then disappeared after the end of the first season.

Artie Lange joined the cast as Norm's half brother in the third episode of the second season.

Nikki Cox joined the cast as Taylor at the beginning of the second season and left a few episodes into the third season to star in her own show, "Nikki," on the WB.

Faith Ford guest starred in a number of episodes early in the second season as Shelly Kilmartin, and then Shelly left town. She returned to her old job as probation officer in the second episode of the third season, and Faith Ford became a regular cast member.